Now taking reservations for the 2019 season!!  

What we do:

From the novice to law enforcement, we will take care of you.  We have been delighting guests from all over the world for the past seven years because shooting automatic weapons is something that few people have ever done, even those in the military or law enforcement generally have limited exposure to just a few weapons.  Washington County Machine Guns gives you the opportunity to fire a variety of firearms from the modern suppressed submachine guns (MP5-N), to the classics (Tommy Gun), to the pretty darn big (50-BMG M2HB machine gun).  We provide all firearms, ammo, shooting glasses, ear plugs, targets, and a private range with direct supervision from an NRA Range Safety Officer while shooting, plus our guests will receive a quick history lesson of each weapon fired with the option to take pictures or videos.  The only limitation is you must be 16 years old.

Rules for our private range:

  • Access to the range is by appointment only (except for range members).
  • No one under 16 allowed.
  • Only our ammunition in our machine guns (except for range members renting MG’s per hour).

Individual Prices for outdoor machine gun rentals (single shooters may be teamed up with other shooters):

  • $99 Basic Package                – Shooter chooses any 2 machine guns plus 1 of the bonus firearms.
  • $145 Standard Package       – Shooter chooses any 3 machine guns plus 2 of the bonus firearms.
  • $230 Premium Package      – Shooter chooses any 5 machine guns plus 4 of the bonus firearms.
  • $450 Commando Package  – Shooter chooses any 10 machine guns plus 5 of the bonus firearms.
  • $2,995 Ultimate Package    – Shooter shoots 50 machines including multiple belt-feds with 100 rounds each, plus 25-rounds in our M2HB 50 BMG machine gun, plus 5 chalk rounds from 40mm M203, plus 10 non-MG bonus guns.


  • $10 for 50-BMG Bolt-Action Armalite (single shot)
  • $10 for 1 pound of Tannerite
  • $15 for 40mm Chalk Round from M203 (single shot)
  • $50 for Belt-Fed Upgrade
  • $100 for 225mm Bowling Ball Mortar (single shot)
  • $250 for M2HB 50-BMG Machine Gun (25-round belt)

Gift Certificates:

Gift Certificates to shoot machine guns at Washington County Machine Guns from April to Nov each year.  Gift certificates are instantly printed when purchased online.  Makes the perfect gift for that hard to buy for guy or gal.  Click the [Book Now] button and then choose “Gift Cards”

Note: The above prices are the out-the-door cost not including PA Tax, which means the rental fee, ammo, range fees, and instructor fees are included in that price.  So if the shooter picks the $99 Basic Package, the total cost would be $99 + PA Tax = $104.94 plus booking fees.

Group and Corporate Prices for machine gun rentals:

This is the perfect entertainment for your bachelor party, bachelorette party, birthday, or corporate event.  We will work with you to put together a customized shooting experience that will leave everyone in your group with unforgettable shooting experience.

Machine Guns Shooters Price Notes
3 5 $750.00 Each person shoots 3 machine guns and 2 bonus guns.
3 10 $1,450.00 Each person shoots 3 machine guns and 2 bonus guns.


Contact us at 724-249-5112

Range Address:
25 Greaves Road
West Alexander, PA 15376

Mailing Address:
PO Box 219
West Alexander, PA 15376
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