Tactical Range

Washington County Tactical Range near West Alexander, PA is currently OPEN for new members.  New members can download this application and drop it off at the range by appointment to have their safety briefing.  All new members MUST watch this video: Introduction to Range Safety and Etiquette – Firearm Safety


Current members can renew their membership by mailing us this application:

Washington County Tactical Range Renewal Application

We are also still accepting Corporate Memberships.  Fee is $500 per year and includes 2 full memberships with the option to bring groups up to 4 guests periodically to the range to use shoot your firearms.  Machine Gun Rentals can be scheduled during the week with a 10% discount on all shooters.  Email us to have an application sent to you.

Membership fees are $97.50 per year with a $97.50 initiation fee.  If you join in Nov 2017, your membership is good until Nov 2018.  Spouse’s and children over 16 are $50 per person with no initiation fee.  No one under 16 is allowed on the property.  Members in good standing will always be able to renew each year before new members are allowed to join.  Once we receive your payment, we will mail you back a membership packet.  There are no required meetings and no required volunteer time at our range.

9 benefits of becoming a Washington County Tactical Range member:
1: Access to range 365 days a year from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday to Saturday and 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Sundays
2: $10 FFL transfers for your online firearm purchases including Cabela’s in the Highlands Shopping Center
3: 10% off machine gun rental packages
4: $50 per 30-minute machine gun rentals with your ammo.  $75 for one hour.   40+ machine guns to choose from with a few exceptions.  M16’s are $35 per 30-minutes.
5: Free use of Breach Door, Range Car to shoot around and out of, 9-hold obstacles, ETargets, and free bowling pins to shoot
6: Rent 50-yard range for family events $100 per 4-hours, includes grill and picnic tables
7: Members can bring a non-member once a month to range at no cost.  Non-Members are limited to TWO guest passes per year.
8: No required meetings or work details
9: No limitation on rate of fire or number of rounds in magazines

We have designed this range for shooters that want to use their AR’s and handguns as they were meant to be shot in real-world applications with no limit on number of rounds in magazine or rate of fire, from rapid-fire AR shooting to quick-draw pistol shooting to rifle & pistol transition drills (move and shoot) using paper targets or bowling pins or even electronic targets capable of timing your shooting down to hundreds of a second.  It’s a rather remarkable system and is very easy to setup and change scenarios (how many shots does it take to knock down the target, where on the target is it required to hit before target drops, how many targets will pop-up at a time, etc).  Here’s a quick video of our manager shooting a scenario that requires a single shot to the chest to drop the target and runs for 10 seconds:

We have designed six ranges at this facility:

• 33-yard (100 feet x 50 feet) flat pistol caliber range: This range allows traditional pistol shooting, quick draw, pistol transition drills (move and shoot).  Targets include paper targets, bowling pins, and metal targets.  We have a car to shoot out of or around, seven 55-gallon drums, metal targets, dueling tree, 10+ paper target holders, picnic table to shoot from, two 9-hole shooting obstacles, and a breach door for members to use anytime.  Any pistol caliber weapon is allowed including submachine guns.  No rifle calibers allowed.  All targets must be positioned so that shots impact the back-stop.

• 50-yard rapid-fire range: This range has 25-foot covered shooting area and 25 feet uncovered. This area allows you to shoot machine guns, shotguns, weapons with slide-fire stocks, or simply “how fast can I pull the trigger on my AR or pistol”, plus rifle and pistol transition drills (move and shoot).   Any type of weapon with any size caliber s are allowed.  All targets must be positioned so that shots impact the back-stop.

• 30-foot Quick Draw Pistol Range:  This range’s primary use is for holster practice at a short distance, including Quick Drawing.  Handgun only range with pistol calibers only.  All targets must be positioned so that shots impact the back-stop.

• 140-yard AR Tactical Range: Range has metal targets at 50, 75, 100, 110, 120, 140 yards.  Only rifles chambered in 5.56/223  are allowed. Semi-auto only shooting.  No limit on rate of fire or number of rounds in magazines.  No one allowed down range.  Shooters can only target preplaced metal targets from 50 to 140 yards.

• ~300-yard Rifle Range: (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) – Estimated completion date of 31-March-2018.  The range will have metal targets from 100, 150, 200, and possibly 300+ yards.

• ~150-yard Rifle Range: (In planning stages) – Estimated completion date of 1-June-2018.  The range will have military style bunkers with pop-up targets.  5.56 AR only.


Basic rules of the range:

• Shooting hours are 10:00 am to 10:00 pm Monday to Saturday and 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Sundays.  (Range is open 365 days a year)
• Only paper targets can be brought onto the range.
• No one under 16 years old is ever permitted on the gun range or in the parking lot.
• Once a month, a member is allowed to bring a non-member to use the range at no cost.  Non-members are limited to TWO visits.
• Members must sign in upon arriving plus make sure their guest also sign the log book
• The gate can be accessed by a combination lock.
• Absolutely no picking up brass that you did not shoot.
• Your ammo, your guns, your targets. We do not require that you purchase anything from us.
• No limit on the number of rounds in magazines or rate of fire.
• Clean up after yourself.


• Picnic tables
• Heavy duty grill
• Four parking lots

Any questions, just ask.

Contact us at 724-249-5112

Range Address:
25 Greaves Road
West Alexander, PA 15376

Mailing Address:
PO Box 219
West Alexander, PA 15376
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