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Team Building

Hands on use of Machine Guns and High Explosives

Tired of the same-old business outing of golf and dinner for your team or clients? 


Consider treating them to an unforgettable day that will be the talk of the office for years to come by visiting Washington County Machine Guns and High Explosive Training Center in SW PA. 

Your group will have hands-on use of machine guns and high explosives at the largest machine gun rental business on the entire East Coast and one of the few places in America training civilians on the use of high explosives.  We are conveniently located in West Alexander, PA just 20 minutes west of Washington, PA and are fully licensed by the ATF.

Our machine gun rental program and High-Explosive Training Center allows guests from around the world to experience classic machine guns from WW-II to state-of-the-art military and law enforcement firearms and explosives.  We currently feature 60+ different models of fully-automatic weapons and normally have 10+ different types of high explosives on site including C4, dynamite, Semtex, ANFO, PETN, RDX, HMX, Comp-B, Emulsions, and more.


We offer half or full-day private events for your group.  Call us at 724-249-5112 for details.

Why Choose Us?

  • It's a fully interactive experience that will forge new connections while sharing an experience that few people outside the military get to do.

  • It’s a day of building self-confidence for everyone in your group, no matter their level of experience.

  • Bringing your team here will allow them to try something they probably never have done before and it will build a new sense of teamwork, make new connections and they will have the time of their lives.

  • This is a once-in-a-lifetime event and your group will find plenty of moments throughout the day to share with friends and colleagues.  Their social media accounts will be buzzing showing just how much fun your company can be.

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