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Washington County Tactical Range near West Alexander, PA is currently NOT accepting new memberships.  Simply submit an an online application to start the process. There are no required meetings and you are not required to purchase anything from us (ammo, targets, etc).


Yearly Membership

  • Membership fees are $97.50 per year with a $97.50 initiation fee.  If you join in June 2021, your membership is good until June 2022.  Spouse’s and children (16 and 17 years old) are $50 per person with no initiation fee.  No one under 16 is ever allowed on the property. You have the option to pay online by credit card for both new members and renewals.  Click here to apply for membership and click here to fill out renewal paperwork.

  • Access to range 363 days a year from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm Monday to Saturday and 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Sundays. Range is closed on Easter and Christmas day.

  • $20 FFL transfers for your online firearm purchases.

  • $75 per one-hour machine gun rentals with your ammo.    40+ machine guns to choose from with a few exceptions.  M16’s are $50 per one-hour.

  • Free use of Breach Door, Range Car, 9-hole obstacles, and free bowling pins to shoot.

  • Range members can rent the 50-yard range for $100 for exclusion use of 50-yard range per 2 hours with up to 10 non-member guests.  Read SOP for details.

  • Members can bring a non-member once a month to range at no cost.  Non-Members are limited to TWO guest passes per year.

  • No required meetings 

  • CMP Affiliation Card allowing you to purchase items from the Civilian Marksmanship Program

Lifetime Membership

  • One-time fee of $1,500.  Besides all the benefits of a regular yearly member, lifetime members also have these benefits including a CMP Affiliation Card.

  • Spouse’s are $750 with no initiation fee.

washington-county-machine (1).jpg
  • No worries about renewing your membership each year.

  • Free admission to range events with very limited exceptions.

  • Saves you money after the 15th year of being a life member.

  • Eliminates the worries of rate increases in future years.

  • FREE use of Trainer M16’s chambered in 5.56 once a month from May to October.

  • Free entrance to classes taught directly by range staff. Does not include classes taught by outside instructors or HE classes.

  • Ability to purchase bulk ammo at dealer cost from with few limitations.

  • $10 gun transfers for your online purchases.

CMP Memberships

  • Fee is $30 for a 3-year non-shooting membership.  This membership qualifies you to purchase items from the CMP Store including M1 Garands.  Email us to have an application sent to you.


Corporate Membership

03 June 2016 161.jpg
  • Fee is $500 per year and includes 2 full memberships with the option to bring groups up to ~5 guests periodically to the range to use shoot your firearms.  Machine Gun Rentals can be scheduled during the week with a 10% discount on all shooters.  Email us to have an application sent to you.

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