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We have designed this range for shooters that want to use their tactical rifles, handguns, and shotguns as they were meant to be shot in real-world applications with no limit on number of rounds in magazine or rate of fire, from rapid-fire AR shooting to quick-draw pistol shooting to rifle & pistol transition drills (move and shoot).

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Range Rules

  • Only paper targets can be brought onto the range and paper targets can only be used on the pistol ranges, 50-yard, and 100-yard range.

  • No one under 16 years old is ever permitted on the gun range or in the parking lot.

  • Members must sign in upon arriving.

  • The gate can be accessed by a combination lock.

  • Shooters are required to pick up their own brass.

  • Your ammo, your guns, your targets. We do not require that you purchase anything from us.

  • No limit on the number of rounds in magazines or rate of fire.

  • Clean up after yourself.

  • Report safety violations and any range violations immediately.

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Our Ranges

pistol-caliber range

This range allows traditional pistol shooting, quick draw, and pistol transition drills (move and shoot).  Targets include paper targets, bowling pins, and metal targets.  We have a truck on-site to shoot out of or around, 40-gallon plastic drums, metal targets, 10+ paper target holders, a picnic table to shoot from,  9-hole shooting obstacles, and a breach door for members to use anytime.


rapid-fire range

This range has 25-foot covered shooting area and 25 feet uncovered. This area allows you to shoot machine guns, shotguns, or simply “how fast can I pull the trigger on my AR or pistol”, plus rifle and pistol transition drills (move and shoot).   Any type of weapon with any size caliber are allowed.  Machine guns allowed and encouraged.


Quick-draw pistol range

This range’s primary use is for holster practice at a short distance, including Quick Drawing.


Precision Rifle range

Range has two lanes with each lane having the ability to send paper targets downrange on a pulley system.  Shooters can use this range to sight in your rifle or practice precision shooting.  Any rifle caliber allowed.


AR-15 Tactical Range

Range has metal targets from 50 to 140 yards. 

5.56/223 ARs only


Rifle range

There are 40 metal targets from 80 to 300+ yards.  Calibers up to and including 458 SOCOM may be used with exceptions for Magnum calibers.

Military Bunker Rifle Range

Rifles only.  10 reactive steel silhouette targets located in 7 locations. Allowable Calibers: 5.56 / 223, 308 / 7.62x51, 7.62x39, 300 AAC BLK, and all pistol calibers.

22LR Precision Range

There are 30+ metal targets from 80 to 120 yards.  Limited to 22LR only.

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