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Machine Gun Rentals

The Largest Machine Gun Rental Business on the entire East Coast

From the novice to law enforcement, we will take care of you.  We have been delighting guests from all over the world since 2012 because shooting automatic weapons is something that few people have ever done, even those in the military or law enforcement generally have limited exposure to just a few weapons.  Washington County Machine Guns gives you the opportunity to fire a variety of firearms from the modern suppressed submachine guns (CMMG Banshee), to the classics (Tommy Gun), to the pretty darn big (50-BMG M2HB machine gun).  We provide all firearms, ammo, shooting glasses, ear plugs, targets, and a private range with direct supervision from an NRA Range Safety Officer while shooting, plus our guests will receive a quick history lesson of each weapon fired with the option to take pictures or videos.  The only limitation is you must be 16 years old.



Shooter chooses any 2 standard machine guns plus 1 of the bonus firearms.


Shooter chooses any 3 standard machine guns plus 2 of the bonus firearms.


Shooter chooses any 5 standard machine guns plus 4 of the bonus firearms.


Shooter chooses any 10 standard machine guns plus 5 of the bonus firearms.

Our Rates

Amount of ammo included depends on the caliber. Most guns include 35 rounds. Larger calibers include less. Extra magazines may be purchased. 

Special Forces

  • 10 Magazine-fed Machine Guns

  • 4 Belt-Fed Machine Guns (40 rounds each)

  • Ma Deuce (10 Rounds)

  • 40mm M79 Launcher

  • 5 Bonus Guns

Destructive Device

  • Flamethrower

  • Grenade

  • Dynamite Throw

  • Bowling Ball Mortar

  • M79

  • M203

  • SWAT 40mm

  • 2 Magazine-Fed Machine Guns

  • 1 Belt-Fed Machine Gun

  • Ma Deuce

  • Armalite (50BMG)


  • $5 for 45-70 Shot

  • $10 for 50-BMG Bolt-Action Armalite (single shot)

  • $10 for Specialty Caliber MG Upgrade (MG's with * by name)

  • $20 for 40mm Chalk Round from M203 (single shot)

  • $40 for HE 40mm Round

  • $50 for Belt-Fed Upgrade.

  • $125 for 225mm Bowling Ball Mortar (single shot)

  • $175 for a 3-stick Dynamite throw

  • $200 for Vietnam era US Marine M9-7 Flamethrower

  • $295 for 1 HE Grenade (Non-Frag)

  • $250 for M2HB 50-BMG Machine Gun (25-round belt)

  • $249 for Ballistic Dummy Torso

Group and Corporate Prices

  • This is the perfect entertainment for your bachelor party, bachelorette party, birthday, or corporate event.  We will work with you to put together a customized shooting experience that will leave everyone in your group with unforgettable shooting experience.

  • We also offer High Explosive Demos for Corporate customers, including demonstrations of dynamite, C4, Semtex, and liquid explosives.

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